benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

these days i a bit idle, waiting for something. ema reconciled and did her
part of duty swiftily. i sorted my stuff and prepared for something.
Yesterday is* International Women’s Day*, ema claimed we will dine out, near
5 pm. a cop on his bike awaiting just outside of the garden near emakingir’s
house, and left before we arrived the cross of the road near he stood. i
shot some photos in meal in a nearby restaurant. when we left a single
female departing before us and let me doubting if she wanted to show me
something. the night at home was peaceful, ema played game for 2 or more
hours, while baby watched aside. i watched tv. when we went to bed, its warm
still. but in dawn i listened to the wind whirling and very sleepy. when i
got up i guessed* it snown*. after seeing the new snow i picked up my camera
again. its 4th time i brought my camera with me in office. now the sunshine
like the golden sugar liquid, and warm like *baby’s soft and wet palms*. and
i know i was *blessed and saved. my fiancees, my most concerned, coming
closer than any time when in barriers. *

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