benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{February 24, 2009}   early warm lunar spring
its a warm while blizzrads frequented early lunar spring. 2 or 3 snows
descended since lunar new year. the *bright sunshine* always let me happy.
family life since then also warm and enjoyable. every sight caught of *
beauties* can let me sigh. i hold my dream of my beautiful most beloved
girls even more deep and embeded. dog in *China surveillance* still pested
me, blocking my access to torrent or p2p download world wide, and leting my
surfing on home pc a painful experience. the gifts from my *God*, also from
my beloved in holiday, enchanted me every moment when i pick them. i looked
into every possible message to probe when i get united with them in new
place and settings. God, u see how my heart full of miss for them, my girls
in praying.
those days also for me busy, to expand my web presence more penetratively. i
enjoyed the interesting sites, like or, and their
service. i don’t want contented by my google and other sites with which i
binded our ties, and lost pulse of the bustling new startups. however, with
the size of my current web sites, adding a new member sites can result in
many rebuilding of connections and corrections. but i don’t complain, that’s
my cyberspace business for my corp.

its more and more melting into green spring, to which i looked forward with
so many hopes. i love seeing the *light atmosphere and refreshing air*. i
love to carry my camera everywhere, with new sight in retrospect.i love
seeing *beautiful legs of female*, and *their blossomy*, and sunburn’s
stingon skin. i love seeing
*my girls breezing me* with female’s tendering.

that’s my wish for the new spring. i oath *God* seeing my fate closer to
reunite with *my beloved*.

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