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{December 30, 2008}   a night of peace and turbulence
its a cozy day, first, i enjoyed western music, esp. sarah Brightman’s
song so immersely. they r from service of google China. second, i got
another bonus since the day before yesterday from my long time
employer, QRRS, its a box of milk mixture drink, which i hope can let
my baby son, warren zhu, the God of the universe, more happier. the
other stuff also not bad, i enjoyed reading 2 longthy article about a
game, and embeded system programming. the later related to the secret
of universe, which attacted me so much, that all system embeded in a
larger hosting system, and so on forever, until God, i should added.
and the embedded system always left something unknow itself to be used
by hosting system. that’s really a nice article, since my subscribed
the blog, i first time settled to scan into its deepth.
today also a looming day for me. at noon when i remit to support my
mother in my hometown her living spense, a cop stood close aside me.
on the way home, a car from the crossing way challenged me and
followed me after i pushed my way home before it. on the corridor of
ema’s house, i saw lots of notice likely from police that recent some
strange persons frequent the residential building, on the wall of each
floor. in the night baby asked to play a lot shooting and wars. he
also complained a teacher under family name of lan, in English means
blue, which i always hated, upset him and let him loathed to join the
kindergarten. he lately left the pc and now i reported to u, God, u
sees the conspire and cut the sticky necks without mercy.
its a auspicious night, esp. the snow last night. God, u don’t see
blood, u see the clear of sky and clean of earth in ur kingdom ur son
to reclaim. that’s nothing surer than it.

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