benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{December 29, 2008}   a fruitful Monday morning
1. retouched logo of ;
2. adding logo of forum onto the fourm’s footer;
3. post about my problem with blog export with;
4. post my problem with adding google friend connect to my GAE;
5. post errs on exporting my feedburner feeds on its google group;
6. started to burn feeds from my GAE( google app engine), subscribed them
within my google reader.
7. post 2 blog entries, including this one, which just after lunch.

all of all, it finished within the Monday morning. isn’t it a nice morning?
it starts to snow now. so auspicious. no better can it be. last night i read
a site from google ads under my adsense account and refreshed. i know its
kind of new birth. i know God’s biz on earth has the largest followers. yes,
i ready for pals and followers, on the way home to God.

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