benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{December 19, 2008}   God bless us with a new snow, the 4th snow in Qi
its just too perfect, dad, my God, u let me wilder in joy with my
first google adsense account last afternoon, and now the 4th snow in
Qiqihar, the northeastern corner of China i lingered for near 20
years, scattered everywhere. the sun still in near mid sky, while the
tender snowflake gradually paves the sky, and the atmosphere, left the
almost cleaned snow ground again covered with white. dad, its too
perfect, nothing can compare with the deed u made.
this morning again a busy time for me. wordpress, on which i want to
add my adsense ads, being blocked by China surveillanc, only let u
logon to base site at , while u can’t comply any
operation on ur blog hosted on the respectable platform. i never in
rush with it, i see the result i want just too soon. then i migrated
my publish channels’ feeds from old feedburner account to my new
adsense account in junction with new feedburner under google, with all
my favorite namespace. again just too good with google.
this morning i especially at leisure, in Tuesday i finished most
awaiting reading feeds. this afternoon before the coming weekend also
likely will witness my reading leisurely, seeing all dust down and my
online studio neat and ready. that’s my life, my blessed living zone
under God’s shine.
tag:benzrad, benzillar, God, google, adsense, snow, perfect
tags:benzrad, benzillar, God, google, adsense, snow, perfect

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