benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

this weekends i slept a lot, unlike when ema engaged with tutoring in
past weekends. baby bored and asked his mother to take him to skate
ground about 300 meters near ema’s house. i queued a lot to download
and the lagging speed bored me into sleep. waiting for download
finishing really frustrating, i even lost interests on other matters,
such as my sites building. this afternoon i managed having myself
haircut and showered. its not a bad journey, even in the past
sometimes it let me at guard in public bathroom. i bought baby some
food he likes, like candy and ice cream. and i decided to afford them
with my own purse, including personal cares like shower and haircut.
baby now sleeping, before i left to bathroom. he got haircut and
bathed at home. these weekends he started to learn skating. last night
his mother asked my opinion on if buying him a pair of skate shoes and
i rebuffed it. he likely didn’t complain me.
its a bright day today. even i slept a lot indoor, i stil felt blessed
by the sunshine out of the window. my boardband likely heavily
deteriored by China surveillance, rendering usual download speed of
two digit kb, while quite some time ago i experienced 3 digit kb
speed. i gaveup 0day stuff for about a month, but some games’
trainer/patch i badly needed let me picked it again. p2p downloading
already deteriored, rendered it as nothing workable. i likes warez,
but i don’t think it time to give up it.
that’s my recent life. these days lots of pragmatic views flashed into
my mind. i know God leaving me more time to experience the reality
common people encounter. in faith or not, just a time sooner or later.

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