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{December 12, 2008}   fine tuned family plaxo accounts
today is busy day. in the morning i finished reading most feeds. in the
afternoon i launched fine tuning family plaxo accounts, including adding
sites’ link, changing avatar/logo, detailed contact methods, shared groups
among family members, also created a new group, China Democracy at .all family plaxo account bundled with google
accounts, ie., with google account logon, plaxo accounts directly
accessible. that’s the real charm of openid, oropen socail as google
suggested. i also added my family cyberspace presence in links spreadsheet,
benink, to my local bookmarks, i intended to make greater usage of the
spreadsheet at
, which is very powerful to list my web sites.
its a nice day, also very chill. baby still occupied pc most of the night.
ema recently wouldn’t tutor students at home in free time, after last
weekend she was caputered by the administration stuff when she tutoring,
which banned by the administration. we will enjoy a peaceful weekends next

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