benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

today is a busy day. i got the news that Ch(i)na surveillance unblock
google’s feedburn service now, and google friends connection now available
public. both let me in wilder joice. the all the morning busy with adding
google friends connection to my blogger blogs. last week i had already added
friends connection onto my domain,, but this morning i got known
that it can be added to blog on easily, needn’t to upload files
as requested if u adding to independent domain. after 12pm i lunched at
home. in the afternoon continued the 2 tasks. near the end of work time, i all my family’s blogs on equipped with google
friends connection, let visitors easily adding comments, or even join the
site to make friend with us as the site owner. task of claiming my public
publishment feeds with google also smoothly, i almost added
all my family publish channels’ rss to my family feedburner accounts. even i
yet clear how i can benefit from, but i m sure its a due
action, for feeds so handy and popular.
its late now, i had to leave pc to go to bed.

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