benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{November 28, 2008}   another busy day
today again most of time sat in front of the office pc. first, sorted
portalbe suite to include web confidentials so as to avoid repeat login
input. then tried to setup posting via qq mail to my livejournal, or
utterli, or google groups. third, sorted contacts and migrate them into
warren&ema’s gmail&qq mail, group contacts in each account. now any family
member can ready to post via email.
ate lunch later than 1:30pm. returned to desktop, launched to talk to a
gtalk pal who appeared in my gmail while i don’t who he is. he likely
cheating, so i deleted the contact. from then on Internet access got very
unstable, frequent jammbed and slow response.
ok, no matter how dogs in China surveillance heavily spying me, i live in
open and share what i have with the world. dog recently frequent made
changes on my settings, like avatar, or other personal profile, and lots of
time wasted on cleanning the messup and lagged returning pages. they surely
had bundle of time to shit around.

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