benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{October 2, 2008}   kindling light
these days i busy with logo design and customizing my sites, so less posting of my life. Chinese in mainland now enjoying their National Day vacation. ema and baby can’t stand the loneliness and haunted the market street twice. i had nothing to spend, so i lingered in front of the pc, which ran stabler after replaced the old mainboard at a price of 220 rmb. sometimes when i alone at home i bored into sleep, and that rendered me better on self-support. i enjoyed the more sleep, which the main cause cure me from madness. the weather was fine here, with peaceful mild sunshine and pale blue sky. my baby got even demanding now that his mother spoil him too much with toys and snacks. his mother felt her was secured by more catering to him, and built a hobby to protect him from my caress and kiss, and claimed prevent my bully. baby he now very liked to play pc games with me, or with his mom. sometimes we had to move him from the scree for the sake of his sight.
its not a busy times here in the northeast of China. most of time in office the staff idle and finding fun on the web. the world stagnant economy was a test for the future of the world democracy. i look forward to changes that change China in abating energy to sustain its life standard it maintains today. i even stronger that the world will united under God’s shine, and one day i can enjoy peace with the beauty of my long longing home town mountains and waters.

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