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{August 9, 2008}   a dawn rain
last night i watched Beijing 2008 Olympic game open ceremony while let pc downloading. the ceremony quite boring and ema soon rest herself on bed. i also busy with sorting stuff newly got from the web. its a hot night. after i finished operation on pc, i also slept even the world teams marching into the nest stadium. this morning i felt sleepy, even after a late sleep till 9 am. i let pc download and i dozed on the bed. its a boring morning, esp. when i waiting for the downloading to finish. ema hanged outside after her students left. i wrote a blog here for the auspicious rain in the dawn.
when i dozed in the morning, i dreamed of baby. i cared him in the dream and when i played with him, i hurt him by let his right arm disjoint. i brought him to see the doctor in my home town. baby’s arm soon fix and a beggar aside steal some food from my pocket. that’s all right. recently i frequent recalled the moment i crazily brave to play with baby and let him in risky situations, like one time i clung his arms to let him hang outside of the window of ema’s house which on 7th floor, baby at that moment disagree with me and i soon hold him indoor. in such moments, i just want to show my baby to be fearless. i felt so sorry to him. with the open ceremony of the Olympic game passed, i look forward to our reunite more eager. i love him more than any words i can utter.

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