benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{July 13, 2008}   bright sunny
last several days in clouds and even with lightnings and thunders. but quite some case didn’t rain long. last night when we went to bed its thundering. yet i let the bedroom window open and in the morning its coolness woke me up. ema’s school asked teachers and students all gathered in the school, for the Olympic torch relay just passing Qiqihar today and the police likely afraid of any strike or political turmoil, so the people’s gathering welcoming the torch passing Qiqihar likely carefully chose and for a short time for tv news shooting. Chinese in mainland really seldom gathered. thats partially the coldness among the nation.
i again sometimes felt quite boring in office even online. so i dozed a lot in office like usual. but yesterday google’s new service,, agitated me and found lots of enthusiasm to claim my family frequently used id with but only accept google user id and my choice of my user name on lively restricted. however, creating chatroom was quite easy and the choice of room title was abundant. i spent near 5 hours to finish setting up my family accounts with, then i tried the virtual online community and also introduced it to some of my home town folks. in the mid my pc hanged 5 times when i experience the beautiful online chatroom with avatar. i don’t know why, my pc too legend or the police hacking me. the hot of the attraction from lively yet passed and i will try more in the coming days to try to find more foreign friends online in
my baby still in Beijing his grandma’s relatives’ home. we had told them to talk everyday online but the relatives tentatively let my baby talk to us averagely two days a time. shits. i disliked all of them there in Beijing, their business mostly vending pump, which was introdued only by the second husband of the youngest sister of the grandma. the second marriage of the young sister of the grandma booming up the large old family which had 10 offspring, mostly now in Beijing. the uncle live in ema’s house for a year to study in her school to escape Beijing school’s loose is the woman’s son. they all felt self-assumption. but their pround was weak, and that let them picky and skeptical around. i just want them let my baby return asap. my baby, my God, u let us intact in the dirt.
i have a nice mood now, had i can find something to do with my site. i love my site and my cyberspace presence. i hope it meaningful for all of us.

heavily under China surveillance and post failed for many times.

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