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{April 8, 2008}   brilliant sunshine

these days i felt sleepy in office, likely reading offline can’t attracted me any more. the monitor of my department shift his desk from the media studio upstairs to our office and spent more time online now. he was right a dog, with an additional pair of spying eyes. the unclear weather likely passed forever and this morning’s enviable bright sunshine declares the new forever bright sunny season’s arrival. i saw the approaching of summer, which let me wondering. i like summer very much, for its seasonly. girl turns more beautiful and city skyline more streamlined. these days i dozed a lot in office, partly for i worked too hard in night at home, partly for reading offline turning boring for me. i need breakthrough, after long time squat down. China underwent silent coated transformation, and we waited for it too long.the authority steals assets from state and now it don’t leave too much to cover. i smell the wind just like the descending of early summer, in which men battle with sweats.

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the Chinese traditional ceremony day for the passed ending today after 3 days vacation, including 2 weekends. in the period i finished rewriting homepage with googlepages. last afternoon i checked my online alumni and join a chat group and in the night chatting launch among my alumni of my junior middle school, Huanggang Middle School in Hubei Prov. ,central China, and me. its a pleasure, except i elaborated too much about myself. they in the alumni seemingly quite familiar with each other, except me. my baby’s asking for game interrupted my chatter and he lingered in front of the pc for more than an hour, which let his mother unease. she really over-protected him and carefully kept me alien to my baby, she increased the need of my baby for her help, and her protection overall to shelter him from his normal world in which he will be alone and survives independent. as long as the protect beneficial to my baby in his infancy, its ok, but when he growing up the over-protect will harmed him from his independence and ability. what’s worse, my baby now accustomed to play with other’s companion, or custody. he liked gaming with others’ aid, while he indeed can manipulate on his own. he also was demanding of cares when idle, frequent requests for play with around. i here really worried about him, but i know all result in God’s shine. i forever rid of worry of personal need and live in love with god, with god’s Majesty.

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i was quite enchanted by the new arrival of lan of QRRS, my long time employer and a state-owned enterprise, even i was blocked from internet access by the administration rule. i don’t know why but i guest the authority preventing my web activities through the lan. the newcomer, a girl graduate majoring Chinese, in office was also refute internet access but she managed to get internet wired via a free ip offered by her boyfriend who in a important department. the girl was easy-going and i guest i can got wired if i in need when in office in the coming days. this afternoon i tried to design a signature for my account with the company oa system and asked the girl for using awhile her ip to got code i needed and i was allowed. i don’t need constant internet access all working time, so the accessible internet in time is a great relief for my anxiousness sometimes for a web resource. i roamed in the office after introduced my web site links in the signature to the girl and felt satisfied. my bottom also painful, likely last night i stayed some time outside of the quilt with hardly any clothing.
its a nice day with new equipment. i hope i can work in more freedom. bye.

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