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warm winter day  Annotated(1)

  • last night was an enjoyable experience in the of my neighbor left in
    the mid and 2 of other side slept but threats lingered on me for quite some 2 sd card capable of 2 gb was stuffed and i had to ditched some ebooks
    downloaded.i returned to the dorm to have breakfast,then rested on bed for 2
    hours.then i headed to computer market to buy myself another sd card.this time
    the vendors of the booth i dealt for some time all present,including the manager
    i earliest dealt.a 2 gb sd card cost me 135 rmb while just a month ago 1 gd sd
    card of the same brand of apacer cost me 115 rmb.i returned to my baby’s
    mother’s home and there i immediately sort what i got last night to hard disk.i
    noticed my baby and his mother not in waiting room and i thought they haunted
    outside but likely they slept in bedroom.i till lunch time paid attention to
    them after i almost finished my sorting.after lunch we played with our baby
    awhile in the bedroom while the aunt chatted in the other baby’s mother
    unease and frequently urged us to hang outside,but my baby refuted it.then the
    aunt and his eld son leaving.they three likely had slept together on the narrow
    bed for 3 nights,even her sister’s home were spacious.soon my baby’s mother
    decided to haunt outside.we went to a supermarket on my baby asked to
    stride on his own in the mansion,looking around here and there without any
    daunt.his mother again frequently urged to baby later touched the glass
    wall with his hands and 2 of his fingers bleeding.after we found it his mother
    complained me a lot and cold shoulders to me.on the way home we shopped in the
    grocer shop.his mother again and again urged me not to stay her home and sneered
    to me.when we just arrived the home a phone call likely from the grandma arrived
    and i left without farewell to my baby and his mother talking to the
    the dorm i tried some time on my pda then dozed.after dinner i read awhile my
    blogs on my pda.then my baby first acquainted me in the phone.his mother just
    want to square me out,to save her insult to me in the afternoon.i gladly talked
    with them.i also buzzed my hometown to informed my mother i had remit her 700
    rmb to support her life there.i dozed till 7 pm and then i here to write u. the
    moon was round and large but baby’s mother told me in the afternoon
    the weather was turning.i love u,like the coming the supermarket a girl
    with a woman in front of me reminded me of u.i love u,in every corner i search
    for u.kiss u with deer.bye.  – post by benzillar
warm winter day

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