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{January 1, 2007}   sunny day till dark

posting to my blogs costed me 2 hours and more in the cafe at noon,till after 12 blocked my uploading to google and forced me haunted far to find a cafe in their casual absence to far i uploaded my user data to my yahoo account.but still blocked.returned to the dorm i had to eat lunch at the nearby pub,costing me 7 yuan for 2 the room i rest myself on bed and started to tired a pdf reader just got from the web on my pda.then dog nearby via wireless hacked my pda heavily.i tried several ways including registry editing and reinstallation but all in vain.they likely modified the installation cab on my sd card within a day.after i started to customize my pda’s connection setting in the aim to falsified it flocks of qrrser in the dorm launched to leave.i waited on bed till dinner time.i ate dinner in the canteen with a bottle of beer.then i walked a mile to a new cafe to dog blocked not to let me upload while accessible previously.they just lost all their means and basic politeness to guise their ugly appearance.on the way a minicar of cop blocked my way and i spitted to it and the cafe a cop in uniform sat right near the entrance.shits,what a laugh.they want to know their presence but also know nothing can change me,change my cling to my kingdom and my god.nothing can change the rule of heaven.what they can do,beside this?they just marched like a shadow gay around me and they did shadow me sometimes.that’s all the Sun witness on my march toward my brilliant future,my unity with u in near timespace.
i likely got what i needed.bye.i love u.kiss u with beer and fear.
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{January 1, 2007}   bright sunny morning

last night the cafe charged me 5 yuan after i surfed 2 hours exactly according my record,but the clerkwoman of the cafe claimed i surfed 2 hours and 5 minutes.i didn’t nothing but post.posting via post2blog or addons of firefox problematic,while quite sometimes succeeded without any problem.the only problem likely the dog captured my posting data package and modified it before it was sent to the world web.most of my google service blocked,esp. googlepages,and gmail where i can upload my and blocked to death,never displayed a single line after times just need a play before its death.after returned to the dorm i wondered till 0:30 then read ’terrorism between vietnam war and 9.11’,an ebook i got several days ago from ftp stuff,till 1:20 am. i dreamed a lot.first lots of concernings about the health and safety of my baby son.then on the open yard of my hometown village near its entrance i met my second elder sister who arrived to let me know she want to let my baby join a tv baby show or make a solo show of my baby.i strongly opposed it for its would bother my baby.but she left to persuade my baby’s mother.then on the cross of the residential area of my baby’s mother’s home and the railway station,where nearby there is a islamic restaurant farer and a supermarket titled ’kanglefu(healthy marry and wellbeing)’ nearer on the northeast district the cross divided,and where there is a bike repairer whose owner is a thin middle aged man,and on its farest end of its northwest district of the cross divided sits the ’junzhengzhaodaisuo(hotel of army politics)’ where i with my baby and his mother ate once in the summer,i holding a little fish in my palms and tried not to spilt it onto the ground.but it did slipped from my hands to the ground,where a team of building gathered and spoke.the officer asked me about my house but i didn’t reply and walked toward the main street to the center of the city.then i laid myself on bed in a house just on the northwest district where the hotel of army politics sat,and my baby’s mother entered with a woman,i let her near me to tell her my dream but she just want to let my baby show public.the woman followed her likely busy aside to boast a real i lost my temper and started to chase to beat her,my baby’s mother,like each time she stupidly opposed me and after beat she just lived well with what i ruled.then a crowd of workers marched on the street on the east to west direction of the cross,and i found i sat on a lofty tables stack against the wall of the supermarket of ’kanglefu’ and tried to eat some pickles from a jar aside.the chairman of the workers’ association talked to me.then i searched all rooms for my parents in the old house when its still new in my hometown and only found my grand father weak on the bed of the room where first occupied by our newly married second elder brother’s couples,then where me and my kid brother grown up in the room,i found my grand father almost faint in the quilt and cried.but he ruthly demanded me offer him 1.5 kg rice,or 3 jin in chinese unit,if i can’t find it right hand i can borrow from the wife of eldest brother of him,or of his second elder brother’s eldest son,or of my eldest brother’s.i cried loudly and asked why he suffered starves so long even i remit to my hometown with 1000 yuan or more and my mother told me that’s enough,but he told me that’s not i hurried to borrow rice from the wife of the eldest son of the second elder brother of my father,her facial express was dubious but she offer a cup with countable rice particles in water.i intended to leave but i asked her why 3 jin rice results so few rice,she replied the rice her family cooking was not ready.that likely all i can remember about the dream in dawn.its my first time crying in dream in front of my grand father.when i open my eyes i found its 9:45 am.i put on and headed here to log it.
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