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{December 22, 2006}   posts migration part 3

Friday, November 03, 2006

pale day.


last night i spent almost 4 or 5 hours in a internet cafe to customize
my youtube the dawn i returned to the dorm after machine
dogs heavily hacked the net and let all proxy i can find blocked.i can
access my blogger account.i tried several pc and likely all pcs within
the cafe under the monitor of machine dogs.a more wider possiblity is
that all chinese internet cafe under cops’ spy.china no doubt a socity
under tightened surveillance of the dictator,but i didn’t know its
scope and depth.
i got up after 12 am.and laid on bed till 4 pm.then i went to starsea
cafe again to finished my work rest.the blogger still can’t be
accessed.i had to wait.
i more and more enjoy the cyber life,living history based on the
warehouse of the .com service.but the chinese dog just lagged behind.
bye.i love u.kiss u with dusts.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

faint sunshine in the morning,paled out in the afternoon.


last night i worked lately to 9:40 pm.i even attempted to continue my
work after i exchanged daily bless with my son and his mother.but i
held back myself for i want to share free time with my baby and his
mother next morning.his mother said she would be free this morning,and
last morning she held my baby to eat out kentuky fried chicken.i more
or less enjoy publicity with my i regret didn’t go over
this morning i woke up at 8:01 am and got up at once.last night the
boss of the starsea cafe haunted in my mind for quite some time.when i
left he upstairs to meet me and i know he monitored me for a long
time.they belongs to dogs union.
my baby received me near the door.soon his mother suggested to haunt
outside and we went to south garden and we started to shot our
baby.some old parents holding their grandsons there showing their
admires to us and my son’s mother shared my baby’s biscuits with them
but i didn’t.for i promised my baby not to disperse his food with
in the afternoon the railway telcom arrived 2 staff, a man and a woman
last time visited us to handle our adsl installation,upon our
complains for the too low speed of adsl.they just shown me the adsl
modem’s interface to show its downward speed is 2m,but didn’t resolve
our problem of slow surfing.i later doubting the woman staff a
intelligence worker of the state security bureau.the man blamed my
firewall and even suggest me surfing without firewall.after them
left,i spent 2 more hours to upload a 200KB video files to
but failed thousand baby slept on my shoulder in advanced and
later let the old woman shifted to bed.i held my baby to receive his
mother after 6:30 pm and had a nice time in the entrance of the
classroom building of the school.
i spent 2 hours here to register my family members youtube accounts
and let them working.
bye.i love u with bareness.kiss u with drips of winter leaves.

From warren with h…


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

indoor modifying my googlepages all afternoon.


i spent all afternoon in the starcafe to modify my googlepage at .dog’s blocking some resource quite
irrigating but i finsihed noon i felt quite unease about my
spending last night(in the middle the pc hacked and reboot and lost
all my works after half and an hour,so i spent another hour to
suppliment it) and today exceed my budget. but i admitted its my need
and god sees my effort to discipline.i will stayed in the dorm all the
evening,not spending a coin here.i like google,if i can do something
to satisfy myself i would do it with google.
bye.i love u.kiss u with teeth and tease.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

bright warm sunny day


my baby received me near the door when i arrived there about 10:00am.i
held him playing for half an hour then went out to receive his
mother.we picked the way to sportsyard and he asked for walking on the
newly heaped earth on the path around the yard on feet.there r 3 or 4
children with their parents baby picked a ditched sore milk
cup so i suggested buying one.then we went to tongxin supermarket
where we bought a cup of sore milk,a bag of fried fish wings and
little bag of sausage.we ate immediately outside of the market.then we
entered the south garden where swarmed with aged people.we had a good
time in the sunshine.when i caught sight of some teachers leaving
through the door of his mother’s school i hastened there but still his
mother had to turned back from home to fetch us.after lunch i played
awhile his mother’s notebook then we triple went outside.we
accompanied his mother to her school and we went to south garden.i
started to shot my baby.he played on the leaves on ground
concentrately but later insisted to hang the camera and bumped a lot
on the paveway,let me very anxious.he asked for some snack from the
grocer in the garden.when we shifted to sports yard after eating a ice
stick he slept on my shoulder.the old woman laid him on bed and i
started to play with the notebook and the web.the dogs again hacked
the notebook and the antivirus and antispyware and firewall again
broken by the dog,who mostly likely manipulated the telcom to hack our
byte flow,but also possible my os let them faults to break in.its just
too fast.they r more and more desperate to brag their weapons and
brutality.they r losing,just like their doomed fate.
tonight the cafe full of dogs,heavily biting.last night dog among them
let the pc err prone and hanged and reboot itself.dogs union really
losing.they just can’t keep their fake peace.fake pretense.god let me
see the breaking light near the end of the tunnel.
bye.i love u.kiss u with pure white of the coming first snow of the
killing winter.

my baby son in the extraordinary warm winter day



milky warm morning sunshine


i woke up at 7:35 am and got up at 8:33.last night i was bited and had
to cop with them awhile and felt pity for myself for god let me
experience this shit.i know all this kind of experience just to let me
be more steadily unbendablely demand a fundamental change to china,to
the shit arrogant persons now.i like my own play,like my baby always
seeking playing with stuff around him,but we r constantly interrupted
by dogs,for they can’t support themselves peacefully,they need a beat
to know themselves,to boost their performance.
days and nights let us speechless.silent u let me load too much
burdon,i need ur encouragement,i need ur tender.but u kept
clueless.maybe dogs hinder u,maybe my linger in my existence hinder
u,but i want u know my heart always open for life seemed
peaceful,but i yell for a refreshment.i stare at the sky,i search the
sea of web,i need u bring me another chance.
bye.i love u.kiss u with flavor.


Monday, October 30, 2006

extraordinary warm sunny winter day.


i woke up at 7:22 am and got up at 8:00 am.last night dogs let me
restless awhile and i sometime can’t judge in dream or in reality.i
dreamed my elder brother and a country folk broke my house and the
latter attempting to steal something.i headed to see my baby at baby received me near the door on foot,likely he usually
played alone when at home with the old woman.i held him playing on the
balcony but later i was distracted by the wish to settle his mother’s
notebook.last night i download free firewall and antivirus soft and i
just need a baby let me alone for quite some time but sometimes
he drag my hand to lead me away from the notebook.i evade him for
sometimes.after 10:30 he cried loudly for my cares and i gave up pc
and held him outside and he fell into sleep as soon as we downstairs
to ground floor.he slept on my shoulders in the south garden and again
some people asked us to return home and soon my baby was woke up by
illwilled people around and we shifted to his mother’s school where we
received his home before lunch my baby laughed a lot with
hide-and-see with his mother.but soon after lunch i busy with notebook
till 4:30 pm i held him out to receive his mother and he again slept
just left his mother’s home.he is now growing up and under trainning
by god.god let illwilled persons around our home desperate to exert on
him.but he forever safe and sound.
on the way leaving his mother’s home i felt sorry for him.i should
caress him more,for i come over rightly to see him.his mother not so
interested in my work for her.
bye.days and nights let us love blunt.i don’t know how far u ahead
me.i only know fight myself a safe cave for the unclear ur presence.i
only know god’s seeing my chores.
i love u.kiss u with the purity of the coming first snow.




Sunday, October 29, 2006

bright sunshine afternoon


i laid myself on bed listening music radio till 4 pm.dogs hunting and
let my pda hanged a time.after 4 pm i got up and want to read
newspaper but the newspaper room out of i took a tour to
the eatern zone of qrrs which underwent large changes under the
ambitions of qrrs and the municipal gov. .there r some open space
around the qrrs hotel for receiving its foreign and national
guests,which covered with grass and a few trees enclosed by
fence.nearby middle school had a new teaching building.leaving its old
2 floor building extending some area likely being occupied by
management stuff.qrrs even build 3 building of 15 floor or higher but
their ground floor mostly locked now,indicating can’t be rent for
service.the state-owned enterprises owning quite some assets not eager
to open to service but hold for a good can be safely said
nowaday china’s biggest asset was the land of peasants that been
deprived from its owner.i also tried to find another internet cafe but
in vain.maybe the customer can’t afford another,or maybe the cops
monopolied to maxize its profits.
bye.i want to read my google personal homepage,which was block when i
surfed at starsea cafe in the morning.i love u.kiss u with clouds in
the pale blue winter sky.


warm and bright morning


i got up at 10:09 am.awake on bed i doubting the irriatabel spying and
hacking on our family internet accounts from likes a long time
tiptoe in shits stained ground ,likes a smoke gun aside u without any
restrain.dogs here in starsea again block most of my access to some
websites.they shits on chinese mainland for so many years that anyone
passed here can’t avoid to be choked by the foul smells.they r dirty
animal.i also doubting who trusted the cafe to ask for a show of id
card to use internet,who privileged to ask anyone to show their id
card when they at is lawful when we enjoy services like
shopping or walking or eating while had to show our id card?its
longtime a laughable compare that american have a unique social
welfare id card while chinese have a unique national id card for the
convinience of cops to trace criminal.they drive any chinese into
criminal with their disgusting dog eyes and licking dirty tougoe.
however,the sunshine outside of the window is bright.last night dogs
around my room in the dorm heavily biting when i read pc magzines.i
have to read bible to clean myself and trench the foxes and wolfes and
dogs.they likely desperate or new hungerer or new evil spirit arrived
near my room.
i slept sound,thx god.
bye.i’d better do some reading on web.i love u.kiss u with tearless blue sky.




Saturday, October 28, 2006

another pale sunshine,cool but bright


i got up at 8:25 am and headed to my baby’s mother’s home baby’s mother was said going to have her self-test exam
for secondary bachelor majoring chinese baby received me
near the door and refused my attempting to kiss his leg.i held him to
let him play what he liked,usually homehold materails or cooking
utilities.the old woman had some complains about my baby messing her
works.near 11 his mother returned.she want to go to shower for she
missed it last week for too busy.but our baby just refused to
we ate lunch.his mother then went to shower.just when his mother
complained my kicking little thing to make cracks to let my baby agile
, my baby felt to sleep on my she left and i started to
play with her notebook on the internet.the dogs heavily hacked me and
i had to suffer a lot of time waiting for the pc and the net to
response.later the son of my baby’s mother’s aunt arrived and i
started to gave up net and played with my 3:00 pm i held him
outside to wait his mother baby directed me to enter his
mother’s school even the door was locked.but 2 cars leaving and let us
enter by the baby kicked a lot of dusts on the sport yard and
felt happy.soon his mother found us and we left.then i went to
bath.after returning i started to fix his mother’s heavily infected
notebook.i ate dinner there.and now i m here.
dog’s hamper me to download google free software pack my baby’s
mother’s home they also block my downloading norton av included in the
pack.witht the installed part of the pack 160 more infected files
bye.i need some time to read my google homepage.i love u.kiss u with bright.


Friday, October 27, 2006

pale sunshine afternoon


i spent 2 yuan in the morning and doubting not to haunt here in the night.but my pda hinted me that much reading without thinking will loose i felt a play on the web can be helpful for the afternoon i went to listening beijing opera practise in workers’ palace of qrrs.the chinese gong and drum really doming,it reminds me that traditional chinese old parents can be really harmful to their addition in beijing opera man sing in the role of woman also a strange phenomeno in world opera.a man in disgusting manner did that and left some musicians emptied their seats.i also in the idle to want check my pda for the meaning of vain and void.i did it after the man left and a man in high pitch to sing.after a young woman practised i left after 2 musicains left.i went to the libary of qrrs to borrowed 3 copies of pc magzines.then i went to the newspaper room to read ‘chankaoxiaoxi'(world reference digest).the woman libarian insisted on standing near me to do her work,she and a man facing me on the other side of the table let me unconfortable.i read magzines in the dorm till dinner time.there r quite some girls including tall girls let me relived.i attempted to buzz my parents in my hometown but they r absent on the other side of the line.

bye.i love u.kiss u with dry lavendor.i want to do some reading within my google reader.bye.


sunshined as usual.


i got up at 9:25 am.last night i continued to read the works of zhutianwen,a taiwan novelist.her readings to ‘A Dream of Red Mansions (hongloumeng) .she is in fact quite far-sighted on society of china and the perspective of china. of course, she didn’t think  she can make a reality on her own. in her early years she was under influence of hulancheng, the scholar worked for wnagjingwei, the coworker of japanese authority once in china deeply. his father in faith to christian. i m glad to see and hear another patriot under my family name.
i can surf the internet via a fake name in a farer cafe and let me more or less of my subscription of google groups discussing china intending adopting real name blog and regard it a backward in web history.i agree with him.china spare no effort to learn after south korea.i don’t know much about south koreal but as to real name everywhere its stupid. to cure a unfair society need  deeper insight to its structure but not with a expediance.chinese media always boast the inconvinience of new trival social
bubbles to urge mindless chinese people (they can’t be mindless now that all around them r filtered messages,faked messages) hand in more supervision to the hand of authority,esp, cops. i think its lazy and intended by power interest group.i hated it.democracy demand liberal minds.sound mind must to be independent.
bye.i love u.kiss u with my warmth in love with u.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

pale sunny day,however its winter now


i got up about 8:47 am.i dreamed of the former german chancellor,Gerhard Schröder ,visited china and i asked him some questionS in english.he crossed the crowd and talked to me his puzzle about the setting on the path likely set by cops.i dreamed i had to tiptoed not to stain my trousers for shits all round the i knew gays around.

my google and blogger almost blocked. i don’t know when i can blog freely from now.internet cafes now demand showing ur national id card published by cops, liking probating criminals.hope the dark day been sunshined soon.

bye.kiss u.i love u with temders.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bright afternoon


after returned to the dorm i wandered awhile then went to the libary of qrrs to borrow some pc magzines.the libarian limited me 2 copy,one copy less than previous,and i took it for granted now that the dogs biting everywhere.they more and more losing all their power to keep peace within china and losing temper not to bite everywhere,that’s reasonable.i read one of the magzine in room till almost dinner time.then i listened to radio to refresh.after dinner i wentt to starsea again and again they demand id card,this time with a man likely its boss asked for id card first.i left without a word.they likely hacked my baby’s mother’s blog again,for its logo again ill working even i checked it well before i left at noon.

nothing special,the long winter awaiting dogs to play around indoor,now that their host can’t find anything more meanful.they doomed to focus their poor sights more and more onto pin in dustbin.that’s their potential.

bye.i love u as star in the dry winter nights.kiss u with cool.


sunny afternoon


i got up at about 8:48 am.the morning spent on bed listening to music and review the book of ‘be friend with god’.i felt there is a god of buddism of female,of vain,and there is a god in bible which demand owning and loyalty.
qrrs,my once working place,now laid down 2 large old tree but 4.the cafe of starsea demand a id card to use internet.who can i say about it?
now im in another cafe and likely surrounded by dogs(cops).they modified my baby’s mother’s blog and let its logo missing.i had to spent half an hour to correct it.shits stained china,foul its land and its people’s mind.
bye.i want to obey 2 yuan a day.kiss u. i love u.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

pale sunshine


yesterday i read a lot of ‘be friend with god’ and found myself the night i laid it off and doubting its holy message that to be is quicker than to think to be or to do.then i felt the world i encountered before my 3 times falling into asylum sieged me.but i m surer that’s my being,my being as Man’s Son to survived myself like wild beast,fight for mates with teeth and paws.and the harsh rule to judge myself with the world i took and offer earthly.the situation i viewed for more than one time,and i know its not kidding.i can’t live with love for all human,like god in buddism or in the book of ‘communication with god’,rather,i chose my god as christian,stern and demanding obey.i lived with rule,with oath and base,i only love my being,my own being,my owning and being.i love my family,like love myself,for only by this i know i m son of god.discipline and simple,that’s the way i follow my god.i can judge nobody but my fellows,my family member.i love them with my loving the night i restless and even want to go to the asylum and stay there for refuge.fate justfied me merciless and i just felt left so lonely in dark,i brewing for help but i can’t ask for.then in a rush i pick the quilt of my baby and headed to my baby’s mother’s home after 11 pm,i guess.i slept there the morning my baby cried for my cares woke me up.i cared him playing all the morning till 11 am we went outside to receive his mother.his mother seemingly glad.but at noon after lunch she asked me to stay in the dorm.i admitted.i held my baby outside toddling for about half and an hour then we returned.on the entrance of the building a road cleaner frequently acquainted us sat aside the road and i let him picked some candy i bought for my baby but my baby felt wrongdid onto him and cried in anger.then i promised i wouldn’t did it forever.
qrrs,my once working place,offered me 200 yuan as holidays’ bonus.i suggested my baby’s mother leaving me 100 yuan for my expense on internet for my baby likely won’t let me use pc there but she prefered to store for needs.i admitted.the project of renovating the tree yard of the dorm zone still underwent and they laid down 2 big and old trees and let me cursed at once in my heart.sure they r beast,or insect,but now that i myself love the living and spirit of beast so i won’t comment more.battle field among human and beast and evil and alien not alien in games, i think i can see it in real.
bye.i love u.i know u r interacting with me.kiss u with moist.


Monday, October 23, 2006

milk morning sunshine


i got up at 8:22 am.last night i dreamed a lot and being probed a lot.penetrating eyes let me open my eyes in dark for sometimes.i dream i with my wife living on the highest floor,our reef, like my old house in my hometown,covered by tile,leaking all over a lot of rain to our house,wet our bed and floor.a team of drain worker repaired in the neighbor house.i let my wife to leave to eat something first.when i attempt to leave,the team enter my house from l wait to let them repair.then my old father appeared in my wife seemed not happy with him.then i played glass ball with some kids of my hometown and won them three 2 times.a young doctor of my hometown named zhuhongshu(grand technology) chatted with me and let me have some medicine to assist my mother also in the dream,but i now forget what she did.most vivid was the rain pouring from the reef to our home,to our bed and baby seemingly also in the dream weak and let my wife burning and me sorry.when i woke up i felt i had to write it down on my blog.and i m eager to urine.
so its a working day.i probablely will go over to see if my baby’s mother’s adsl working.last night i read awhile ‘be friend with god’ and really relieved by god’s grace and open love.i felt its the process of breaking barrier.i look forward to my living with soul and freedom.
bye.i love u.kiss u.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

sunny but windy and cold.


i woke up at 7:03 am and got up at 9:03 am.i headed to see my baby at baby was sleeping when i arrived,so i left to register my kid brother’s adsl service shift to our phone.yesterday afternoon i was hindered by the demand to hand in a copy of my id card.when i returned,my baby playing in the waiting room.i picked him and laid him on my shoulders and let him played indoor till her mother returned. i lunch,the old woman distracted me sometimes and my baby asked for my accompany with him to see or fetch him something by dragging my hand.his mother also glorified by his charms and glad.i told her i had now 2 blond friends on web,but she didn’t comment.after lunch she soon started to receive her pupils at home.i let my baby playing around them.the telcom told me my registery had to wait work day to hand over to workers to handle,so i can’t do anything on i left even the sunshine very bright outside of the window.i consoled myself that we have it in our hearts and have not need to bath it every times when it shine our eyes.when i left my baby was breast by his mother and he waved to me to farewell.
in the dorm i charged my pda.i laid myself on bed silently.i dozed awhile till felt cold.i rambled mindly in the peering eyes around.lately i listened to the radio.loving songs sometimes touched me and i know our reunite at our will.changing days and nights left me in changing mood,god save my love,save my restless longing for u.
bye.kiss u.i love u with torn heart.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

a dry day after a wet dream last night.


when i emitted i dreamed a baby or my baby,god blesses him.this the second time when i wet dreamed with him.last time was in the asylum after a nerd man with a damaged hand showing exaggrate friendship to me and soon left the asylum with his relatives which is strange for the asylum usually kept their lamb long enough to let them never want to return,who name is ghost(gui).even last night i read ‘be friend with god’ in which i was told any unexpected happenings r all ur unnoticed intension and u r responsible for all the world around u,but i still surer that the stained wet dream mostly appeared under the exertion of surrounding ill wills against my baby and relation with my baby under my deep soul on which i felt sure about and also sure about ours being under god’s attending,but dog’s spying eyes kept penetrating.i fight against it for a long time but recently i was told by holy message that i should let my bady respond independently,let soul cares over i just get rid of dog’s biting as soon as possible,let it go as soon as maybe i loosed my rein not to let being hit.
after all its a nice day today.i ate breakfast at home of my baby’s mother.she fancied to capture my baby with her camera,and bring the shots with her notebook,likely upload to her gallery.i m glad to see her enjoying the cyberspace.after her departed for her school i held my baby outside.dogs let my baby recently so quite unconfortable that he seemingly crabbed to cry more.seemingly they almost saw their wane.qrrs,the work place i once in,operated on the concrete ground in the dorm yard,and today they laid a red papers on each well to underground drain within the ground they tore apart.they overturn the pave way aside the grass.they have machine,and their machinery head.they believed in their machinery head.
after lunch my baby’s mother launch to try to make use of the rest of adsl service my kid brother’s wife left.i maybe then surfed more at my baby’s mother’s home in the coming days.
bye.i love shindy and agitation.kiss u with drip of tears in dream.
my baby’s mother’s works today.

dogged day but still with warmth



Friday, October 20, 2006

sunny day.


after lunch i haunted the newspaper room of old man sat aside me leaned to me,leting me disgusted.but i kept on reading.i read pictorial magzines.after i finished reading and head outside to refresh,an old man followed me,probably the same man of the reading room.seems qrrs or qiqihar can’t grow anything beside this kind of shits.i looked at the surface of the lake or pool in front of qrrs.the water is shollow,and i know the dusts grows quick,for my room took days to have to be moped.the factory generated a lot of black dusts.then i returned to the dorm.some machines gathered in the dorm yard breaking the concrete ground.i started to charge my pda.i listened my radio lately.
dogs in the cafe rampant and started to bite me as soon as i they deceded.but im likely timed i intended to spent 2 yuan on internet.
bye.kiss u with warmth.i love u.


faint sunshine in the morning.


i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 10:33 am.i dreamed a lot in dawn.i dreamed of qrrs,the work place i once worked and its dorm i now lived in,busy with decorating floats preparing for some gatherings.i dreamed my dream was broke by the visiting of my roommate seldom returned.i saw a rat in my dream.i got up and turning my radio and its was a boring program titled net music bar,but in fact its show of 2 woman who can manipultae their voice to mimic differet accents,most of their mimic just the ugly reality of nowaday china or the northeast china: cliech,violence,distorted sex or love.this morning they quote a news reporting a male collegian mimic Marilyn Menroe with nuked and posted in bbs.they mimic boring news reporter in the guise of authority and illwilled peeking eyes.that just mirror the surrounding dark souls around me,like neighbors in the dorm and in the cafe.i doubting my restraining to curb my expenditure on internet and till felt better to shift myself into the sunshine outside.i rambled awhile in the opening along the main street u left in sunshine outside of the starsea cafe till i felt eager to see my webcam.
bye.i m timed out.i love u.kiss u.



Thursday, October 19, 2006

morning sunshine like lamb


i got up at 8:29 am.last night i slept a little bit late,for trying wallop let the pc in the cafe hanged some times and let me stayed there.after i returned to the dorm its already 11:00 the morning after i got up i headed to visit my baby.i lingered in the cafe near my baby’s mother’s home an hour to adding visiting counter to her blogger .my baby received me near the door.he immediately asked for haunting outside.we wandered outside for half and an hour till seeing his mother returning.we played in the south garden where he chased after yellow leaves on the ground.a tall young mother led her boy and playing hide-and-see and attacted my baby awhile,but he soon immersed in his own the grocer near his mother’s school,i teased the daughter a lot and she kicked me.she can’t do anything other to show her failure.after returned i busy to test building a mobile office on udisk with taango but daunted by registering baby soon slept after being breast.his mother shown her anger with me for i didn’t eat lunch on the mid i left home to download some soft in need and being bited heavily in the cafe.after i return the old woman asked for leave to buy grocery and my baby miserablely cried for my caress when i attempted to finish my work on pc.finally i gave up and held my baby out.we peeked the large house with tree yard and sorrounded by brick wall from the gate door hole and let my baby sat on the wall standing on a bench near the baby very glad to sat on the wall and loath to left.i bought him a ball candy in the garden grocer and returned.i tried to play with him before my leaving.he felt and played with me for some time.i let him playing on the balcony and let the old woman seeing him and i left in silence.i don’t know if he will cry when he found my absence.on the way the feeling let me low.
after dinner i checked my spb finance on my pda.the passed 3 month in dorm i overran my budget less than 100 yuan salary card left 100 yuan or more.that’s all my cash at hand for my living.last month i spent 80 yuan or more on internet but the half of this month i had spent 120 and more yaun on it.
bye.i likely timed out.kiss u with tears from heaven.i love u,near and far.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

ccoudy in the morning,sunny in the afternoon


i woke up at 8:23 am and got up at 10:21 the dawn i dreamed elablorating the notion of vain(wu in chinese) of buddism with my alumni,chenxinjian and wujiang.the foremer worked as a staff of the personel bureau of shenzhen and the later some times ago worked as a scholar in US.then in the dorm of nankai unv. i graduated,i played with wujiang and chenjiancai,an alumnus later shifted himself to another school of nakai.after getting up i waited for my pda being charged.after lunch i haunted the cafe to customize my baby’s mother’s blog.last night quite some website i frequently accessed can’t be connected to,like blogger,, and others,likely something the cafe didn’t require paper registry and i can access those site as usually.last night i read a computer magzine a bit lately and felt dogs biting.after 2 hours here i returned to the garden within the dorm to rest.i sat on the bench and gazed the sun.after sunset i wander around the garden till near dinner afternoon i got an orkut account and was attracted by it at once.
dog’s biting now.two males aound me just there dirty willed.
bye.i love u,like sunray.kiss u with bright.


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

a full sunny day.


i woke up at 8:03 am and headed to my baby’s mother’s home immediately.i strived to constrain my desire to surf the web and seeing my baby first.when i arrived,my baby sleeping.i slept aside him on the bedroom till he woke up.he cried awhile after woke up then started to play on his own under my attendance.when its 10:30 am i held him outside to receive his mother’s return from her school.we picked the path to the sportsyard first and there a large crowd of students or worker of surveying and drawing working baby played and slided to one of their team but was blocked temperarily by a tall strong man but later we passed it by.then i held my baby pay the rest room of old cadres near the sportsyard.there r 3 rooms within.a room for reading magzines and newspapers.the middle room for the administration,the side room near the yard for chess and card the chess room an old man likely the worker stopped our dwelling.then we passed the old large house of the highest cadre of the area and bought my baby a bag of peanuts and a bottle of water.on the way to south garden my baby picked to play slding board in a residentail zone.the south garden swarmed with aged people,the fountain was dried and covered with tent and my baby walked on the tightened tent.then i bought him an ice stick in the garden grocery shop.we ate the stick till in the school of his mother.quite some students trained there,likely grade one students.they recently frequently trained there in the afternoon.when my baby step onto the sports yard they retreated to the concrete ball sports yard.we played for quite some time.when we attempted to leave,his mother catched up us and let my baby make water.then she pushed us baby cried for her milk and cired till felt into sleep at home after near half of an hour.i held him sleeping for almost an hour and lately shift to the old woman to lay him on the bed and i started to copy some home video to udisk for uploading to my web account.i ate dinner there.
thats our happy day.i felt quite complacent.
the cops demanded to register id number onto the paper sheet in the cafe from today.really shitting.they worthless to be cursed.they fouled the all country till their bankrupt and collapse.every sound person liked to see the day.and quite some website can’t accessed.shits everywhere and the world in china likes a dustbin.
bye.i love u.kiss u with tears for the downfall of chinese.
by the way the picture on my homepage of google from nasa really i linked it here.


Monday, October 16, 2006

sunshines sometimes in the afternoon


i spent 3 hours in the afternoon in the cafe.first 2 customized my homepage soon after lunch.latter spent on trying google’s bookmarks and posting via the mid i stayed in the dorm awhile and observing the flashing sunshine.then i went to qrrs’ libary to borrow some computer magzines.the gatekeepers in cop’s uniform checked my staff id carefully.later the librarian told me some team visisted here.returned to the dorm i skimed awhile but seemed not so attractive as the noon i can’t help my gladness to buzz my baby’s mother on her feeling on her blog i set for her.but she told me she unavailable in the morning.these days i definitely spent too time on web than what i can afford.but i think its my investment,my investment on google and my virtual presence in cyberspace.i m of no regret.i hope i can stay and enjoy the nest i prepared on google for myself aftermath.wilder animals,landscapes,news,music,stuffed my homepage,awaiting my eyesighting.
i m likely to time out.kiss u.i love u with peace.bye.


rainning morning


however its late autumn.the rain likely foretell the arrival of winter.i woke up at 9:03 am and got up at 9:33 am.last night dogs bited lately and i determined to let them barking.i don’t know when i slept, but i remember later dream.i brought a magzine with me with our alumni to visit peking unv.,there i lost my team and toddled alone.i then took a minibus and asked a woman taker who to get peking unv.,she let me get of the bus right the stop in a haste.then i was in a crowd siheyuan and some old women told me to crawl on the zigzag narrow tunnel to outlet,for the mordern buildings occupied most of the open space and main road,shortcuts left in narrow tunnels.heard this when i crawling and climbing the narrow steep path to opening,i gave up and woke up.after woke up i found bogs still biting.i started to clip feet nails then.the rain let me relieved and cosy now in the cafe.rain let people trenched and find their own being and peace.
bye.i need customize my homepage now.kiss u with dew,like the rain in dawn.i love u.


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