benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{December 22, 2006}   a pale day busy restlessly with let posting to wordpress automatically

last night i spent 3 hour in the cafe i registered a card member and costed 5 yuan,but the clerk girl said with every 10 yuan deposit there is a 5 yuan discount,so i paid in fact 1 yuan an hour as they claimed when i bought it.i wonderred in the dorm how to let posting to automatically via blog client.blogwriter i adopt don’t allowed setting proxy while the ie proxy setting was blocked in the cafe and normal access to was blocked.i went to bed at 1:07 am.i got up at 7:35 am and felt energetic and headed to farer place along the street to avoid dog’s concentrated hacking,as i planed last night.then the all day spent in a far cafe ,without lunch,worked till after 5 biting here almost all time.i had no time to review but just busy with typing and clicking.i later found a solution to post within firefox and i will try immediatly.
bye.i don’t know how i can afford the expense today,but i worked with fruits.i love u .kiss u with bear.

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