benzyrnill, set to fly, like dragon fly…鸠昱隆嘉

{December 21, 2006}   a pale day

in the morning, i registered myself another blog to synchron at .dog blocked access to and i had to access it via the night i registered myself other 2 accounts at at and was blocked and the ie settings baned to modify so it let my blogwriter can’t find the right confiugrations for the 2 accounts.they tried to vendor me an card for a discount of 1 yuan an hour as member for the convinience to monitor my web serfing more detailedly.

when i arrived my baby slept in the arms of the kid sister,who was watching cop soup.i then operated on my pda for awhile.then his mother returned and we had lunch.the kid sister occupied tv with cop soup while the afternoon my baby played tapwater for some time.when its almost 3 pm he asked for haunted i held him enter the sports yard where some students there having their skate class on the ice.then my baby directed me to go the direction toward the railway.we passed the undreground market between the plaza and the railway station.then we went to the railway telecom,where dog threaten us but we had some good time on our dinner the dish was again the motton with vegetables,the same of lunch and last time i visited.the kid sister kept silent and after dinner she went to bed to rest.we couples played with our baby for some time and let him happy.the kid son of the kid sister arrived later and started to shut the door to do his baby insisted to haunt the room sometimes.i tired to let him stay in our bedroom.i then understood when my baby and his mother alone suffered loneliness and challenge of silence by the mother and son of my baby’s mother’s relatives.1 or 2 times when i suddenly arrived there i watched the room for my baby now occupied by the mother and her kid son locked and my baby’s mother held him played in the dark waiting room.i really sorry for my baby and his mother to let they suffered.however,we r expecting brighter future.

bye.i spent a lot of extra time tonight by dog’s hacking which let the surfing slowly and pages error-prone.i love u.kiss u with tear.

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